Herniorrhaphy vs Hernioplasty


The use of laser technology in hemorrhoid surgery, also known as laser hemorrhoidectomy, has both pros and cons. Some potential benefits of laser hemorrhoid surgery include reduced pain and discomfort, faster healing time, and minimal scarring. Additionally, laser surgery may result in less bleeding during the procedure and a lower risk of complications compared to traditional surgical techniques. However, it is important to note that laser hemorrhoid surgery may not be suitable for all patients.

Before undergoing laser hemorrhoid surgery, patients should consult with their healthcare provider to determine if they are a suitable candidate for the procedure. On the other hand, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. For example, laser hemorrhoid surgery may have a higher cost compared to traditional surgical methods. Additionally, the availability of laser equipment and trained surgeons may be limited in some areas.

1. Herniorrhaphy:

Herniorrhaphy is a traditional and older surgical technique for repairing a hernia. In this procedure, the surgeon makes an incision directly over the hernia site and pushes the herniated tissue back into the abdominal cavity. The weak area of the abdominal wall is then reinforced and closed using sutures (stitches) or surgical mesh. If sutures are used, they may be non-absorbable or absorbable, depending on the case.

(a) Pros of Herniorrhaphy:

~ It is a straightforward and well-established surgical technique.

~ The cost of materials (sutures) is usually lower than that of surgical mesh.

(b) Cons of Herniorrhaphy:

~There is a higher risk of recurrence compared to hernioplasty, particularly for larger or recurrent hernias.

~It may have a longer recovery period and more post-operative discomfort compared to hernioplasty.

~There is a higher likelihood of tension on the repaired area, which can lead to discomfort and complications.


Hernioplasty is a more modern and widely adopted surgical technique for hernia repair. In this procedure, the surgeon also makes an incision over the hernia site, but instead of solely using sutures to close the defect, a surgical mesh is placed over the weakened area of the abdominal wall. The mesh provides additional support and helps to strengthen the area, reducing the risk of recurrence.

(a) Pros of Hernioplasty:

~ It has a lower risk of hernia recurrence compared to herniorrhaphy, especially for larger or recurrent hernias.

~Hernioplasty can lead to a quicker recovery and less post-operative discomfort.

~The use of mesh provides added support to the weakened abdominal wall, reducing tension on the repair.

(b)Cons of Hernioplasty:

~The cost of surgical mesh can be higher than that of sutures used in herniorrhaphy.

~ There is a very low risk of complications related to the mesh, such as infection or mesh migration, although these risks are relatively rare.

Ultimately, the choice between herniorrhaphy and hernioplasty depends on the individual patient’s case, the size and type of the hernia, the surgeon’s preference and expertise, and other factors. Both procedures can be effective in repairing a hernia, but hernioplasty with surgical mesh tends to be more commonly used due to its lower recurrence rate and faster recovery times. It’s essential to discuss the options with a qualified surgeon to determine the most appropriate approach for a specific hernia repair.


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